Villa Park Homes for Sale

The city of Villa Park, CA is located in North Central Orange County. Villa Park is the smallest city in Orange County with only 5,812 residents as of 2010. Villa Park's history in ranching, the area was a great producer of grapes, walnuts and then citrus for many years. Today the city offers a rural feel, with very limited commercial development and large estate style homes on large lots. 

The city is served by Villa Park High School which is part of the Orange Unified School District. 

Villa Park is somewhat unique to Orange County, it offers a rural feel with winding roads wandering among large residential lots.  There are roughly 2,000 homes in the entire city. Orange Park Acres, an unincorporated area of Orange County has a quasi connection to Villa Park. Orange Park Acres is located Southwest of Villa Park and offers similar large residential lots and rural feel. These area have no direct connection other than offering a similar life style and residential feel, yet most people consider them the same city.

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